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Japanese for Busy People - II

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Description THE REVISED EDITION OF JAPANESE FOR BUSY PEOPLE In the ten years since its publication, Japanese for Busy People has won acceptance worldwide as an effective, easy-to-understand textbook, either for classroom use or for independent study. In this new edition, numerous revisions and additions have been made, taking into account the comments and responses of both students and teachers who have been using the course. In Book I, the revisions are directed at making the grammatical explanations easier to understand, while adding further explanations of points that students have difficulty with. Changes have also been made in favor of more natural practice sentences and dialogues. In addition, new appendices list the particles, interrogatives, and sentence patterns in the book, as well as the kanji introduced. More fundamental revisions have been made to Book II, which has been expanded and divided into two volumes, Book II and Book Ill. The changes result in a smoother transition from Book I, make new grammatical elements clearer, and present more natural practice dialogues and exercise sentences. THE JAPANESE FOR BUSY PEOPLE COURSE This concise course in natural Japanese is ideal for such students as businessmen whose aim is a working knowledge of the spoken language in everyday life. Survival Japanese for Adults, ' as it might be called, gets to the heart of the language without recourse to childish or classroom-only Japanese. Book II consists of twenty lessons in the same format as Book I, with dialogues, notes on grammar, and vocabulary, exercises and quizzes. The dialogues introduce the daily language and life of adult Japanese and, compared with Book I, conversations are more natural and include abbreviated expressions and suitable responses. In this revised Book II, kanji are introduced systematically, and alternate readings, stroke order and associated kanji are given for the characters appearing in each chapter.