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Essential Chest & Shoulders

Paper Back
Brungardt Kurt
Publisher: Rodale Press
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Description Want a chest to treasure? Work your back! The secret to a strong, powerful chest is the right balance of upper-body strength. That means doing as many exercises, sets, and reps for your back as for your chest. And that great set of shoulders? Again, the key is balancing shoulder work with chest and back exercises. In Essential Chest & Shoulders, best-selling fitness author Kurt Brungardt shows you how to pull off this upper-body balancing act with a masterful 6-week play designed to make you bigger, stronger, and more studly, whether you're viewed from the front, back, or anywhere in between. YOU'LL LEARN: * How to build impressive muscle without injury * Why working your chest gives you killer abs * The stretches that help you get bigger * How short workouts and long recovery produce a great body * Foods that fuel versus foods that fool