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The Mango Grove at Kashipur and other Poems

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Ashok Sawhny
Publisher: GBD Books
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Description There are three worlds in Ashok's poetic cosmos: the first entails strife, spin and dangerous choices; the second is the place where we're all going, the inn we visit in our old age; and the third is the celestial-where the stars wheel and tumble, where the moon shines its beautiful light and yields to the harsh blaze of the sun, and where creation is still happening. So while Ashok's approach is personal, he also sounds a note of universal concern, applauding nature's majesty; deploring man's lies, arrogance and futile materialism. He also looks over his shoulders at his motherland, to the mango grove at Kashipur, and has a gentle laugh at the expenses of Indian politics. Life's circus, after all, and we must find happiness in 'the little things' as well as the great. May be they're rickshaws to a better day. About the Author Ashok Sawhny was born in Lahore in 1937 and moved to India after Partition. He studied in Modern School and St. Stephens College, Delhi. After more than 15 years working with business houses he started his own company. Monarch International in 1978 of which he is the president. He has several books of property in English published in London and Delhi and is presently engaged in his first publication of poetry in Urdu. His book of poems, "Fruit salad-poems for kids" has also been translated into Chinese.