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Chequerboard and other Poems

Paper Back
Ashok Sawhny
Publisher: GBD Books
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Description From the moment digest these opening lines of Ashok Sawhny's paean of praise to London town,we capture the exuberant mood of an author determined to find beauty ? and humour ? in his surroundings. He may be versifying on the golf swing, the Enstrom 480B helicopter, or Indian elections ? 'Long live the electorate ? so as you vote for me and my mate!' - or reflecting on the sands of time against a glowing sunset. Whatever the setting, a genial cynicism and wry acceptance of the workings of fate colour and inform these hundred-plus poems. True, there is an acknowledged darker side to life, contrasting with the brightness of our days love of love and laughter; hence the Chequerboard. But as the world welcomes a new US President in the White House, the author looks to mankind to respond positively. And that is what his readers are bound to do.