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X Factor @ Workplace

Paper Back
Ram Krishna Sinha
Publisher: McGraw Hill
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For a budding professional, venturing into a career is a move that is attached to a myriad of emotions where he/she is apprehensive, unsure and even scared as to how they are to adapt and mould themselves to the culture and dynamics of an organization. It's not just a skill-set that would guide the professional to succeed and carve a niche, but it's the change in mind-set that plays a vital role, and this change in mind-set is what is popularly called the 'X Factor @ Workplace'. Underlining and emphasizing on this quality, the author has explained how a young professional can evolve into an independent, thoughtful, committed and well- rounded individual, by following some simple steps and seeking answers to questions that they face in their day-to-day work life. The book also guides the organization on how to shape itself to become an employee-friendly place where the worker feels comfortable and motivated and hence is able to perform better and realize his/her full potential. The prominent features and highlights of the book are: Avoids the conventional preachy self-help style of narrative Does not focus only on the individual but on the organization as well Demystifies the concepts of success Follows a jargon-free, easy to read language Guides Organizations to become employee havens by simple strategies Emphasizes on Indian work culture from the experiences of an Indian Experiential real-life cases highlighting day-to-day work scenarios The author with over three decades of experience in the corporate world, including an international stint, shares his wealth of knowledge, expertise and experiences and shows how attaining excellence at workplace is possible. The book also makes changing yourself look simple and doable, and in the process, empowers you to script your own mantra to success and happiness by developing the 'X Factor'.