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Our World in Colour Tibet

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Julia Wilkinson
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Description is one of the few remaining wonders of the world. Its geographic isolation and the unique harmony of its people with their religion and the land have attracted explorers and adventurous travellers for over a century. Dubbed 'Roof of the World', Tibet still has nomadic herders who live in the harsh mountain terrain, while Lhasa remains the spiritual capital of this truly sacred land, The diversity of people, dress, art and architecture in an extraordinary landscape is captured in splendid colour and detail. Featuring stunning colour photography, illuminating photo captions and accompanied by an in- depth essay on each country or place, these books provide a unique visual ioumey to a number of key destinations in Asia and other parts of the world. They will inspire travellers to visit new places and provide a lasting record of places already seen. Each is a handsome souvenir or gift. About the photographers: - Work by a number of photographers who have travelled extensively in Tibet has been drawn together in this book. Among those whose pictures appear here are Maglus Bartlett, I M Iardine, Richard Lanclwster, Iames Montgomery, Herman How Man Wong, Paddy Booz and Sarah Lock.