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Mathematics 1001: Absolutely Everything that Matters in Mathatematics

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Dr.Richard Elwes
Publisher: A Firefly Book
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A comprehensive study of math principles in one volume for the general reader. This practical reference provides clear and concise explanations of the most fascinating fundamental mathematical concepts. Distilled into 1001 mini-essays arranged thematically, this unique book moves steadily from the basics through to the most advanced areas of math, making it the ideal guide for both the beginner and the math wiz. The book covers all of the fundamental mathematical disciplines: Geometry Numbers Analysis Logic Algebra Probability and statistics Applied mathematics Discrete mathematics Games and recreational mathematics Philosophy and metamathematics Expert mathematician Richard Elwes explains difficult concepts in the simplest language with a minimum of jargon. Along the way he reveals such mathematical magic as how to count to 1023 using just 10 fingers and how to make an unbreakable code. Enlightening and entertaining, "Mathematics 1001" makes the language of math come alive.