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Marketing Power Plays

Paper Back
Business Week
Publisher: McGraw Hill
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Description The new Power Plays series from BusinessWeek analyzes the hard-hitting, highly focused insights from the biggest power players in business, such as Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs, on a range of topics essential for success in today's competitive market. Each book includes real case studies, proven strategies, and the keen industry insight that has made BusinessWeek the world's number-one authority. Each specialized playbook showcases the top industry leaders and headline-making success stories that everyone wants to know about-and learn from Features the wisdom of top business power players, including Jack Welch, Steve Jobs, Ken Chenault, and Bill Weldon Packed with best-practice sidebars, call-outs, how-to strategies, to-do lists, and insider advice in a breezy, no-nonsense style Arms managers and executives with tools they can put to work immediately Each book will include interactive features and downloads on This power-packed guide delivers proven career-making secrets and game-plan strategies from business legends like Phil Knight at Nike and Anders Dahlvig at IKEA, and rising stars like Jim McDowell at Mini USA.