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How I Play Golf (Paperback)

Paper Back
Tiger Wood
Publisher: Little Brown
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Description How I Play Golf' offers a lavishly illustrated instructional book with four-colour photography, original artwork, unique sequential shots of Tiger in action, and easy-to-follow diagrams for golfers of all abilities. Only in his mid-20s, Tiger Woods is already a golfing legend worldwide. Tiger Woods is the youngest player to complete the Grand Slam of professional major championships. Fans everywhere have marvelled at his explosive drives, his accurate approach shots, his steady putter, and most important, how his devastating mental game transcends all the ups and downs of the game of golf. The insights Tiger reveals in HOW I PLAY GOLF are a combination of the physical and psychological practices that Tiger uses daily to keep his game at the top. For fans and followers of Tiger, these secrets will become the gospel of how to improve one's own game.