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The Janson Command

Paper Back
Robert Ludlum`s
Publisher: Hachette
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Description Robert Ludlum's The Janson Command is a sequel to the Janson Directive. The Janson Directive was the first novel by Robert Ludlum in the Janson series, featuring Paul Janson as the protagonist. Janson is a former Navy Seals agent and an ex-representative of the US government's secret organisation, called Consular Operations. In Robert Ludlum's The Janson Command, Janson has abandoned his past life, filled with assassinations and international conspiracies. He is now involved in a fresh mission with a new partner. Janson has joined hands with, ace sharpshooter, Jessica Kincaid. They help disillusioned secret agents and former colleagues to adapt to a new life. He also takes up independent missions, but only confirms an assignment if he thinks that it would help the society in a greater way. Janson, in this book, accepts a mission to rescue a doctor abducted by West African rebels following their attack on a US oil service boat. At first it seems that the rebels didn't harm the doctor because he had to treat their leader Ferdinand Poe. Soon after taking up the assignment, Janson finds that things are not going according to his plan. He understands that he has been drawn into a much more complex and devious plot. Janson finds himself in a strange dilemma, unable to comprehend whether he has sided with the wrong group. The book is available in paperback and was published in 2012.