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The Fallen Love

Paper Back
Rashmi Singh
Publisher: Pigeon Books
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Description Not wanting Madhuri had started drifting with the song, stretching and reraching out for the remote of the Television with her right hand to switch it off. The song u201cBaby don't leave me, I remember all the memories-I remember the name...that was calling my name-stary with me Baby-when the lights go down I am drowning-please help me I know one day you will feel the same-baby when the lights go down...,u201d had started casting its musical, magical spell making her unknowingly feel the words and getting emotionally entangled in them........ That was one moment when Rohan lost his sainty. All his life he had craved for love. His Ma, Shilpi, Radhika and now Madhuri..u201d No now I am not going to lose Madhuri. Love has always played hide and seek with me but now it is time for me to snatch love from life. And something reverbrerated in his mind-unknown voice-u201dGo Rohan Go..If you don't snatch now then never-never Rohan-Never-You'll never get the love of Go get the power-get your love-It is your love Rohan-Yours! This time don't let greed onverrule true love-don't let sex subjugate the timid! Go snatch it or else again the demons will snatch from you!u201d The voice was constantly creating havoc on hi senses...... About the Author Rashmi Singh is a freelance Personality Development Trainer and Counsellor based at Faridabad, new Delhi. An alumnus of Notre Dame Academy Patna, Loreto Convert, Ranchi and Avila Convent, Patna (P.W.C.), Rashmi did her C.T.E., M.A and M.B.A post marriage. An active blogger, her posts appear in the Aisa Section of an International Website, by the names of Riviera and Lost Tranquility. Rashmi's debut novel 'Love's Journey' is already is raging success with her second book on self improvement 'Taming the Restless Mind' providing a philosopher's stone. 'The Fallen Love' is her next lively creation based on many realities which she came across in her life as a sensitive human.