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Vasanthi Vijaya
Publisher: Pigeon Books
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Description Oh, where did I stop yesterday?' She askes as she lays her book down pretending she had even read for the past fifteen minutes. I know she wanted to continue her story for she seemed anxious while fiddling with the pages. I put away my magazine and pull a shawl over my shoulders. I am all ears now. Something tells me the next chapter is the best time she had ever had in her life for she seems excited to tell. And so, not a moment is wasted and I'm rewarded with a touching story.... a diary about an India woman who drifted along with dreams and promises and a life worth living. Her name is Alisha. About the Author In a little town of a small state in the Malaysian Peninsula, I grew up next to paddy fields, catching frogs and tadpoles, butterflies and dragonflies. I loved these creatures because it made the characters in farity tales and stories come alive. From childhood to adulthood from the suburbs to the city. I move on in life. Today I am a lecturer, 16 years in the profession and residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My fascination of India led me a writing Purple Saffron. The lure of the beautiful landscape, the variety and depth of culture and the fine cuisine one can find in India was cuase to put pen to paper. It is the charm of India, its people and traditions that inspired and presented the perfect setting for Purple Saffron. A final line about me, my world revolves around my two beautiful girls and my fine husband, and I believe that out lives are guided by dreams, if not by shadows. Fore more information on Vasanthi Vijaya and Purple Saffron, visit Purple Saffron Facebook link at: http://www/facebook.com1#!/pages/Purple-Saffron-the-shadow/349265975103258