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Banyan Tree Borthers: the tale of a soul reborn

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Dr.Nidhi Dhawan
Publisher: Pigeon Books
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Born together-and apart. They lived together and grew up together. Ojas-the strength of the skies was brute strength for Tahir who completed the spiritual body of this unique friendship. Life dealt them enough to ride on, and then, crashed their waves in a swirling whirlpool of Karma. As a Banyan Tree looked on, these brothers in Fate would live, die and relive-completing the Karmic cycle. Ojas would never be able to forgive himself the dealth of the only person who understood him and stood by him. And Tahir would not be able to forgive Ojas the death of the trust that betrayed his life. Would there be retribution? Would Time and Karma let Ojas and Tahir find peace? What role would Ram play in this drama?