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The Comprehensive Word Power

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Norman Lewis
Publisher: WRG
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Description Opens up the entire rich resource of the English language as no other reference book can. It is a new concept inWord reference books, a book whose simple and unique purpose is to help you find the words that will quickly, accurately and effectively express your thoughts, concepts, emotions and mental imagery. The Comprehensive Word Guide is more than a book of Synonyms and does far more than provide lists of similar or substitute words to use inplace of ones you already know. It is an essential companion to the dictionary and will actually translate your thoughts into precise, forceful, descriptive language. It is not necessary to have a specific Word inmind for which you need a synonym. The alphabetical index, togeTher withThe novel and ingenious arrangement of words ininterRelated categories, will pinpoint the exact Word you need even if you start withonly the name of a subject or can think of only a single Word connected withThe subject. You can even start witha definition and find the Word to fit it. withmore than 1,20,000 accurate useful words, this is more than a book of Synonyms and more than a book of usage