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Modern Bombers (US Air Power)

Paper Back
Anil Pustam
Publisher: Greenhill Books
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Description The US Air Power series is the definitive illustrated guide to recent American dominance in the skies. Covering the planes and crews of the USAF as well as Naval, Marine, and Army air wings, these books cover a period from World War II through to the present day in which American pilots have prevailed in all combat situations and have laid the foundation for the swift and decisive victories achieved during that time. The series covers all of the major conflicts in which the U.S. has been involved recently, including both Gulf wars, the Balkans, and Afghanistan. Modern Bombers features the B-2A, B-1B, and B-52 as well as the air-to-surface weaponry that they deploy, such as the JDAM and JAASM. The 72 pages include well over 100 photographs, 16 pages of which are in full color. Every photo features a detailed caption outlining combat history and technical specifications.