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Battle for Monte Cassino

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George Forty
Publisher: Ian Allan
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Description A Battle of the First World War fought with the weapons of the Second'. Military experts have long agreed that it would hardly be possible to find a better example of an impregnable natural defensive barrier on the road to Rome than that provided by Monte Cassino. When this was defended by resolute and battle-hardened troops it is easy to see how and why the Germans held out repeatedly against the massive Allied assault despite lavish air and artillery support. There were four separate and distinct 'battles' of Cassino during late 1943 and early 1944, each one being immensely costly in Allied lives. In their turn, Americans, Indians, British, Gurkhas and Poles reached the summit of Monte Casino but found it impossible to retain a hold for long. The destruction wrought of the world-famous monastery on the summit of the mountain was but part of the damage that occurred during this period. The campaign to take Monte Cassino was one of the most dramatic of the Italian campaign. In his latest book for Ian Allan Publishing, noted military historian George Forty examines in detail the campaign to take Monte Cassino and clear the road to Rome. Drawing upon superb archive photographs and first-hand reminiscences, he sets the scene for the battle, examines the forces ranged against each other and describes each of the phases of the battle. Allied to the photographs and text are clear line drawings which allow the reader to comprehend fully the complex nature of the battle. Ian Allan Publishing's series of detailed military histories have proved to be highly successful, garnering excellent reviews and an enthusiastic readership. This new addition to the series, featuring one of the seminal engagements of the war, is certain to build upon the success of the earlier volumes in the series and become a classic account of the battle.