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Paper Back
Henry Fielding
Publisher: Hachette
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Description "A true prodigal son, Tom tries to become worthy of his father - whoever he may be... Henry Fielding's masterpiece combines a dazzlingly virtuoso plot with comic range, humanitarian warmth and psychological and emotional intensity. Attacked for its immorality when first published - and held responsible by some for the earth tremors which hit London in 1750 - Tom Jones, set against the backdrop of the 1745 Jacobite rebellion, traces its hero's journey to discover who he is by finding out his parentage and, in doing so, become worthy of the girl he loves. Thwarted at nearly every turn by his evil half-brother, Tom's is a story of persecution, corruption, incest and oppression. But justice - and Fielding's irrepressible comic gusto - finally prevail. The most comprehensive paperback edition available, with introduction, notes, selected criticism, text summary and chronology of Fielding's life and times"