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The Story of My Life Terms 1 & 2

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Helen Keller
Publisher: Pigeon School Books
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Description The Story of My Life, by Helen Keller is an autobiography of a girl who taught the deaf to speak and enabled the listening eat to hear speech. This novel has been adopted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) under Class X English Curriculum. The present unabridged edition of 'The Story of My Life' covers both Term I and Term II syllabi of CBSE Class X examinations. This book presents an unabridged edition of the novel divided into two parts i.e. Term - I and Term - II. The Term - I section has been divided into 15 chapters covering the story with question digest at the end of 15th Chapter. The Question Digest section contains questions which may be asked in the CBSE Class X Term - I examination along with their answers. On the other hand Term - II section covers the remaining eight chapters which complete the story of Helen's life. The Term - II section also ends with a Question Digest section containing questions which may be asked in the CBSE Class X Term - II examination. The book also contains author's biography in the beginning along with an introduction to the major and minor characters in the novel. Also in the beginning a short summary about the novel has been provided. As the novel has been presented in the unabridged edition along with number of questions which can be asked in the CBSE Class X examination, it for sure will help the students study the novel in the best possible manner and help them score good grades in the upcoming CBSE Class X examination.