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Paper Back
Publisher: Hachette
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Description "One of the greatest stories in the world, and one of the oldest After ten long years of war Troy is finally destroyed and the besieging Greeks depart for home. Odysseus and his men set sail for Ithaca, but their journey is far from easy. Captured by Cyclops, then detained by the nymph Calypso, it is only after a visit to the underworld and a miraculous escape from the witch Circe that Odysseus finally regains his island kingdom. But many years have passed since he was last there, and things are not as he left them. To the ancient Greeks the Odyssey and the Iliad were as fundamental as the Bible in shaping and educating people's minds. They have since formed the cornerstones of Western literature. In this edition, William Cowper's highly readable blank verse translation brings Homer's epic to life with all its melodramatic glory undimmed. A comprehensive paperback edition, with introduction, notes and further reading"