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Mary Shelley
Publisher: Hachette
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Description Frankenstein presents an unworldly outcast who turns to violence only when he is rejected and deprived of affection Yet his creator, Dr Victor Frankenstein, must pay the price for his scientific arrogance, his desire to play God, usurp the female role and 'give birth' to another living being. In scenes of nightmarish power, monster and maker meet in the shadow of Mont Blanc and chase across frozen Arctic wastes. When Mary Shelley finished Frankenstein, she was pregnant, nursing a sickly son and had already watched a baby daughter die. Drawing on her most intimate feelings she breathed new life into tired Gothic horrors to produce this gripping, spine-chilling classic. This new edition restores the original 1818 text, which has long been unavailable to the general reader. Included too is Presumption - or the Fate of Frankenstein (1823), the play which launched Mary Shelley's creation into popular culture. The most comprehensive paperback edition available, with introduction